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I'm pleased to report that I have finished two of my WIP's and it's only the 6th January!
So I thought I would begin this new year with a determination to get organised with my projects and I collected them all up and listed them on Ravelry (because sometimes I do forget to do that). I was a bit embarrassed to find I had ten things on the go, including 4 crochet blankets so decided to focus on finishing them and track my progress by taking a screen shot of my 'in progress' page on Ravelry and posting it on Instagram.  There's nothing like going public to help with my motivation :o)
Seriously though, by focussing in on what I have half made has been a good exercise so far, and hopefully will continue. My aim is to average 4-5 wips at any one time, and to have finished all the ones I have now in January 2018 by December this year. I think that is certainly achievable. I plane to #screenshotmywips on the first of every month and post on Instagram.
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